Reminiscing on you

October 12, 2011
By JackieMena1 DIAMOND, Bellflower, California
JackieMena1 DIAMOND, Bellflower, California
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"life can always bring you down but always try hard to work around the problem and find a solution" -Jackie Mena

I didn’t know how to tell you that we fell between each others faults
Blaming each other for what we went through
I couldn’t tell you
It would just break your heart

To sit here and close my eyes and realize it was only you
You did what you did there was nothing to it
Besides the emptiness I felt
You made me go through it

Day by day and not a memory intact
Your heart is broken ,frozen
You can’t remember cause that’s where were at
I tried to imagine a better way
But time kept us still
And we faded away

I sat here reminiscing on things I couldn’t change
Or the fact that you made my life a whole lot worse
But the fact is I won’t open my heart or rearrange
You made my life a living curse
I thought I’d peruse the things I needed the most

But I lost them all
So I raise my glass
And make a toast
To the things in life that I need the most
And all the people that
Have stood by me
And all the people that made me who I am
And especially you because you made me a whole lot better

The author's comments:
this is a poem that i wrote just came to me

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