October 12, 2011
I am floating.
by the atmosphere.
I admire
the surrounding blue.
I cannot know
which direction
is up
or which direction
is down.
My body is loose,
My brain
pushed out
my skull,
yet my mind
at peace.

I drop.
Air replaced
with bricks
and stones
and weights.
Wind rushes
through my eardrums
as my compass
becomes obvious.
I am a bird
with broken wings.
Frantic, flailing arms
bring no relief.
I’m perpendicular
with airplanes.
Their polluting fumes
compliment my
polluted mind.
I want
to drink the sky
and eat the clouds.
I want to land safely
on my feet,
into the sweet euphoria
of reality.

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Jacy-Lee said...
Nov. 9, 2011 at 2:40 pm
gorgeous writing with such vivid detail and a whimsical nature that inspires the mind to daydream as powerfully as you. Excellent writing :)
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