October 12, 2011
By iAmCodykins BRONZE, West Lafayette, Indiana
iAmCodykins BRONZE, West Lafayette, Indiana
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The doors feel like they’re closing
and there’s nowhere to go.
They words they say hurt.
They make you feel like dirt.
There’s no going up from here,
you’re stuck alone with doubt and fear.
The feelings trap you like a cage.
Knock! Knock! Knock!
Someone trying to help you out,
yet you’re still afraid to let them know,
but if you don’t you’ll stay alone.
You let them in and they try to stop it
They say it’s wrong and you have to stay strong
They start some clubs and talk to some teachers
They try all they can but it’s not it enough.
It’ll never be enough.
The bullying will never stop.

The author's comments:
This was actually an assignment for my English class. He wanted us to write about something close to us. I have never been bullied but I have friends who are and I always wish I could help them.

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