Dead in the coffin

October 12, 2011
By Anonymous

With the worst days coming into effect, we loose sight of
what we already have and what we want, confusing them into what we need.
Love and light and the good id gone leaving open wounds to those around us,
regretting what we’ve done or said to people who truly care, what then do
we have?? Nothing. Lonely in the coffin we lay, in waiting, unwanted.
Roaming the world as if we were a Zombie, but instead of craving flesh we
crave more. Greedy though we are, we crave love, attention, kindness, and
even happiness. Everything good is tainted, it’s what we think we need. The
real good is what we truly need, yet at the same time we do not have it nor
do we want it. So never shall we touch the light, the love, the true
meaning of life. For their minds are shattered, their souls broken, letting
another take control. The monster, the beast. Leaving the human truly weak
truly alone, and dead in the coffin.

The author's comments:
I was sitting there thinking about the greed in this world and things just led from one to another and vola!!! A poem was made.

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