Wind, Trees, and Mountains

October 12, 2011
Pink hearts surround me,
Floating up in the air.
Simple strands of music,
Flying everywhere.
Wind, trees and mountains-they all change
But love is something that will always stay the same.
I could lay here forever
If I didn’t have to eat
And I could hear you whisper,
If I didn’t have to sleep
Watch the sunbeams glowing across your golden skin
I could love you forever
If I didn’t have to live.
There’s melodies a plenty
Songs of fortunes lost
There’s fairytales of lonely
I wish I didn’t have to watch
And there are caves in the mountains
Places no one’s gone
And all of this could surround me
And all of this would be lost
Because I do want to watch you grow up

And I want to feel you dream
I want to love you forever
But that’s why I have to leave
I’ve fallen in love with a story that’s too perfect to make up
And I’m getting tired of always waiting up
I want you needing me
But I can’t go on alone
And the line is dead
When I’m on the phone.
Wind trees and mountains,
Are why I want to stay
But I’m too young to be wishing my life away.

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