October 12, 2011
By Wyhnnd BRONZE, Pine City, Minnesota
Wyhnnd BRONZE, Pine City, Minnesota
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The world wants to believe in everything.
Unless you're Christian.
You feel the back drop of everything that makes sense to you.
As you catapult through space o your hot air balloon.
Like a lickety spit you feel the crack of a whip.
Come down on your backside.
The world's a cruel place staring down at your face.
And all you hear is the clatter clatter clatter clatter
Of rain.
And you wanna believ in just about everything until you realize that she is staring down at you in pity.
And you turn your face so you don't have to see the disgrace of everything you made your place.
Just hear the clatter clatter clatter clatter
Your head starts to spatter you hear the hoof beats
Carrying your carriage, you hop in,
You smell sin, you float out, your head full of doubt.
Back in, there she is, a perfect sin, looking at you now in anger
A face of pure stranger.
You turn your head away as she dances in your brains, splatter
Against the window, the blood drips down and you have no sensory receptors, you wish you could feel it.
Feel her.
But she is immune to you, and you are immune to this, because all you want is her kiss.
A lush pink glow caresses her shadow.
You lift your finger

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