Stairway to Heaven

October 20, 2011
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All good souls go to heaven.
But the question is how.
How do souls get to those pearly white gates
After they have stopped worldly life

Is it a giant staircase?
If there was room for it
If the dead had the energy
To trudge the trek upwards

Is it an elevator?
Well there'd be two buttons:
heaven and earth
But who'd press the down button
Once it gets to the top

Is it a rope?
What would happen if the soul let's go
What rope could last for eternity?
What would be strong enough to hold a
possibly infinite length of rope

Is there a plane?
What would be the fuel.
How could have souls
Have gotten to heaven
before they were invented.
What if the soul didn't die
Near an airport for the dead

Or do you just fall up?
The law of physics can't be denied.
What goes up must fall down.
A soul should have matter
Thus be also held down by gravity.

Well it doesn't not really matter
How one's soul would get to heaven
As long as you have faith in God
Anything is possible.

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