My Grandma

October 20, 2011
I take to heart,
what my grandmother said,
the day she died,
she left this play without,
without pain or sorrow,
she took with her that day,
our love and care,
she knows though she dies,
she will,
live in all of us,
Though we may cry,
and fell the pain
of her passing,
we should not grieve,
for to long,
for she is still here,
with us,
not in person,
but in our
hearts and minds.
She lives on,
in our memories and laughter,
I will not cry for I know,
no one will forget her.
We should not cry,
for she is in a better place,
and she would not want us
to live in the past,
but to keep her alive
in memories
and to move forward.
I will never forget my grandma
for she was so loving and kind,
I love my grandma,
and I always will

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