Every Single Thing

October 20, 2011
By Anonymous

A single prayer can change a life
A single illness can end it
A single person can start a revolution
A single blade can finish a war
A single book can create a phenomenon
A single movie can destroy a career
A single rainbow can inspire hope
A single storm can cause despair
A single romance can blossom into livelong love
A single heartbreak can crush a soul
A single teacher can build success
A single student can make blood run cold
A single kiss make a dream come true
A single night can ruin it
A single parent can still love her child
A single child can destroy innocence
A single snowflake can provide home for a city
A single flame can collapse one
A single stream can water a nation
A single flood can wash away humanity
A single sentence can begin a novel
A single word can stop a heartbeat
A single religion can save the world
A single passage can tear us apart
A single man can overpower a country
A single God can create a universe
A single life can establish peace
A single death can rip a whole through history

The author's comments:
Everything in our world has two different sides to it: light and dark. We often talk about how a single something cannot do much. This poem is to put that theory into question, because there is nothing that is impossible when Every Single Thing is put together...

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