The Weight Of The World

September 29, 2011
By Jon.W PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
Jon.W PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
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"What are men but ghost in empty shells if they do not follow their hearts and ambitions."

Hey can you feel it bearing down on your shoulders?
Can you feel it breathing down your neck causing a cold chill to go up and down your spine?
Can you sense it peering at you,
Mocking your every move?
Can you hear it's deceitful voice,
Telling you that: "What ever you do it's not good enough."

Can you feel the bitterness and sting of it's voice,
A rattle snake ready to bite,
And so pungent and fowl that your eyes start to water and you can almost taste it?

Hey you,can you hear it's gossips,
And whispers about you?
A wispy wind that if you let it will blow you away.

Can you sense it's despisement,and nods of utter disgust,
And its searing glance as though you were a bug under a microscope?

This shiver down your spine,
This bearing boulder on your shoulders,which only the Greek titan Atlas could bear,
This non-apparent weight,
Which seem to have you down on your knees gasping for air.

This voice barely even an echo,yet has destroyed the lives of many with it's venom.

The wispy wind that spreads a round little white lies,
Deceiving those close to you,
Making you feel broken and a fool,
As though all your flaws are apparent.

This , this my dear friend is the weight of the world,
Unyielding and never seeming to cease.
It is apparent, and yet at times not even a trace of it can be seen.

For you see as heavy as the world may seem, it is a burden that we all share.
We as individuals seek out people, friends and kin alike,
To loosen the personal burden that we bear.

For in the words of the great philosopher or leader whose name is forgotten: "Together we stand, Divide we fall."
So lets stand together,
And lift the weight of the world.

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on Jan. 26 2012 at 3:21 pm
Choosing2Live4Christ PLATINUM, Wausaukee, Wisconsin
28 articles 13 photos 66 comments
Very well written. but I just want to say that, no human can lift the weight of the world. The weight of the world can only be lifted by God's grace, if you ask him to forgive you and save you from eternal death in the lake of fire. He wants to do it for you, but you need to ask him.


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