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September 29, 2011
By xxkishixx BRONZE, Logan, Ohio
xxkishixx BRONZE, Logan, Ohio
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i think, therefore i am depressed

The blind cannot see colors,
No, they merely hear what they look like.
Never knowing a sunset, nor the ocean's blue.
They could never look up into the sky,
Watching the stars glimmer and shine with a lover.

As such, the deaf cannot hear music.
the will never hear a bird sing,
or the cackling of a fire, or a dear one
whispering into their ear, "I love you"

As the blind cannot see, and the deaf cannot hear,
are we to assume that the heartless can't love?
that they will never see a loved face,
nor hear that soft whisper?

No, the heartless can't love, but only be loved
the deaf can be heard,
and the blind can be seen.
the hardest to live with, though, I wonder which.

The author's comments:
well, i was laying in bed, talking to my best friend, and she said 'you can't hear deaf people!' and got it mixed up. there's many things that inspired the poem, and it's also to someone who i've grown to... well, yeah.

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