This Pain

October 20, 2011
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Born one way
Change seemed unattainable.
This pain,
So consuming
So demeaning.
I must not be the only one.
But I see,
Those who encompass,
Joy endlessly fills their lives.
Why not I?
Why must I suffer?
Why must life be torture?
This pain,
Worsening as the days progress,
Killing me slowly,
I must be losing my mind.
Tears and a knife
Play for endless months
A glory so unnatural
Craze beyond limits.
But again,
The rain comes.
This pain,
It is an endless cycle.
Who can save me?
A solutions doesn’t exist.
Before one can be found
I will not be here.
What do I do?
This pain,
Finally taking me to the point.
A point of no return.
I cry out.
I cannot save myself.
Please! I beg!
Someone save me!
This pain, finally being confronted,
Grasped by the horns,
Given its ultimatum,
Though they say,
The road shall have its challenges,
Its curves and bends,
It’s the one I will gladly take.
This pain, succumbs to its maker,
Makes me a zombie in its fight,
A daze of endless hours,
Dissipating my every thought.
But the monster inside me,
It is dying.
This pain,
Has lost the battle for now,
For the time being,
It exists no more.
The curtain has opened,
The skies have brightened,
On a new day,
On a new life,
On a new me.
No longer shall I fear
A simple smile
But take each day in stride,
And enjoy the bliss I have never felt before.

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