Internal Knocking

October 20, 2011
By rachaelpg BRONZE, Fairfiekld, Connecticut
rachaelpg BRONZE, Fairfiekld, Connecticut
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Knock knock.

Seeping through the crack the walls provided,
The knowledge of your being escapes me.
The air pushes from your hot lungs finding the pours of my flesh.
Unbearably dangling before my sheltered eyes.
You’re haunting every shadow placed before me,
Rise as if undead.

One light faintly struggles to ignite,
Pupils conforming to the seams of a room.
Unraveling the secrets between the lines.

I blindly look for you.

You hide within the confines of where I do not tread,
The walls creep closer.
The infinite banging toward the door grows colder.

Hitting the soul.
Pounding with my vein,
Beating internally with the heart,

Knock knock.

Between the birth of feeling,
And the creation of the spider,
It begins hunting.

Turn away to all that frightens.
As of the young,
What is closed from my sight,
Cannot exist.

Tediously we avoid,
The green glares gleaming with the frightful stares that caught you in its web.
I feel you beside me.
Locked behind closed door.

You spoke menacingly through the night.
My name.
Calling between the wind,
I hear you.

Knock knock.

The author's comments:
i wanted to capture the variety of fear and the deep feeling it brings to our soul. between our fear of feeling, our selves, and even things as simple as a spider, i wanted to capture fear.

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