The Faraway Sun

October 19, 2011
By Jaechan PLATINUM, New City, New York
Jaechan PLATINUM, New City, New York
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In this land across the lake and beyond the mountains,
There lays a sun shining with glory and warmth.
It’s brighter than the midnight sun in the Arctic.
Warmer than the California Sun, and
More cozy than the Florida Sun.
It might not be as intense as our sun on earth,
But it lights up the darkest corner,
The deepest levels of hell,
But most importantly it shines across the land,
Leaving not one nook or cranny unexposed to its beam of light.
Not even the gloomy jungles,
The bottom of the ocean,
Or even caverns where bats dwell.
No living thing is left is left untouched by its rays reaching out,
Not even the richest man.
Not even the worst among criminals and murderers.
Not even men who have to beg for supper.
Not even rats and mice that scurry in the sewers,
Are oblivious to its warmth and happiness.
It brings riches during the day,
And makes room for the moon,
During the hours of darkness and desolation.
It is always reaching, and reaching, and reaching
Out with its golden rays of sunlight,
In this land across the lake the lake and beyond the mountains

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