Bring Him Back

October 18, 2011
If I were in charge
Of the day
If I were in charge
Of the sea
I would always find a way
To bring him back to me
I don't know who to pray to
And I don't know what to say
The reason I don't believe in you
Is because you took him away
They say home is where the heart is
They say long distance cannot last
But what if my heart is with him?
What about our past?
I've never loved anyone
Who meets my expectation
He is my life, and my love
Even in our situation
How can I deal with
Never holding him?
My heart, you see, he steals it
Until we're together again
I know that we were made
Especially for each other
But how do we escape our fate
When we're the star-crossed lovers?
Romeo and Juliet
Did you feel like this?
And what would you have wished for
If you had only had one wish?
I tell you what I'd wish for
And maybe then you'll believe
If I had just one wish
I'd wish him back to me

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