October 18, 2011
By Tomorrow SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
Tomorrow SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
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There is nothing greater than
the dream of a child.
While we sit around all chill
and mild, a kid with a stick
and a cape becomes a Jedi,
or a wizard-- conjuring spells
and using the force on the lamps
and couches and the rest of the
furniture, hoping that maybe
it’ll levitate with the flick of
his wand--or his wrist. Or
what about the girl with the
pink dress and tiara
whose only goal in life
is to be a princess. Tea cups
arranged for the royalty, which
in this case are two Barbie’s
a teddy bear and Raggedy Anne.

And you can do anything with a dream,
create spaceships out of candy corn
and mountains out of marshmallows
and terrible spaghetti tentacle wielding
monsters that will take you away unless
you shield them off with a pop-tart, and a
candy cane.

And you only dream of things you want,
things that will make you happy,
the things in this world that mean the most
always end up in a dream.
Rex the dog and bubbles the fish,
and my brand new black tricycle
that I can ride faster than a motorcyle
Or the batmobile, cause I dreamed it,
I imagined it, I made it come into my
mind that that’s the only thing I want.

And you only dream to be with the people
you love. Grandma and Pop Pop, Mom and Dad.
For the men,
Jenny your elementary school seat buddy,
who you had the biggest crush on,
and for the ladies
the hottest celebrity model,
your DiCaprio’s and Brad Pitt’s.
And you dream about your first
love, and the last, and of all
the closest friends you had in
your past. And if you don’t have
many of those, you dream of the
ones to come in the future.

And then we grow older,
And we are told,
you had your time to dream
but now let's get serious
and they leer at us when
we jump on the truck of
inspiration with Santa at the

Stupid kid, they say, as if
dreaming was a child’s thing
and like our toys had to be put away
when we grew hair,
or went off to school,
or started driving.
They keep telling you to stop,
but now I'm asking you to go.
I dare you to dream,
to pull out the toys
and play just a little bit more,
to dance without a future insured,
to move like you've got a
hundred years left cause your
disease of reality was cured.
To look at a heart impure
and say I can show you how to fix that,
instead of wondering how
you’re going to set up a 401k.
Cause the world is caught up
on the other side of the highway,
they're doing 90 in the wrong
direction into a traffic jam
of lies and deceit,
false profits and fame,
But there is a truck of inspiration
driving the other way making stops
at Smallville and Gotham
Hogwarts and the lollipop kingdom
but don't worry-- Santa will pull over
anytime you think you've
found a good place to build your fantasy.

And when you dream,
don't make it about cash
or the people you'd bash,
dream for the people who
don't have the chance,
who have been crippled by
life’s burdens and don’t have
the legs to dance,
dream for the aids orphan
and the bullied child,
for the drug addicted homeless girl and
the suicidal teen down the street,
and if you two ever get
the chance to meet, they'll say
they had the chance but they’ve
been stuck on their next fix,
and they can’t get the rope to twist,
and all they can seem to think about
is their next meal and they'll say
of all that easy stuff--
I used to dream too.

And as you get to talking, you’ll realize
that your new friend who you’ve been
trying to fix has tried all the tricks to find
the quick fix to their problems. And you’ll
learn how easy it is to dream in the depths of despair,
you’ll learn that life isn’t fair,
sand it’s the most broken
people in this world who want repair.

And then tell them there is a kingdom,
it’s a place greater than any lollipop land
or superhero fantasy and then
help them on the truck and
tell them what I told you, about the
lollipop kingdom and Santa’s
willingness to stop.
And as you make your way
down the road,
show them how to get
the final fix
the finest feast
and a pair of scissors for the noose
Then you’ll see that kingdom,
Off the road a bit,
And they will ask
if the truck could stop.
And if they ask who dreamt it,
tell them it was dreamt by the greatest
Dreamer to make them new,
And if your new friend asks
why it was built,
say to them
because someone’s
been dreaming
of you.

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