October 18, 2011
By KikiJones BRONZE, Miramar, Florida
KikiJones BRONZE, Miramar, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
“There were things I wanted to tell him but I knew they would hurt him. So I buried them and let them hurt me.”

Jonathan Safran Foer

"Words are like a gun, keep them on safety if you're not ready for the consequences of hurting someone. "

I don't understand why people try so hard to be someone else.

That make up only fools the one who wears it,

Do you think it makes you better, do like to hide your flaws?

Sorry to inform you are a human being not some beauty queen.

My blemishes define me, and I'm happy about them because

without trials, problems, and broken roads that lead me where I am today

who knows who I could be, who knows if I'd be okay?

I'm fine with the things I do and say.

This acne spreading on my face,

don't hide an unwritten story like yours do, under that maybelline cover up

You don't know who you are do you?

Well let me spell it out,

your a beautiful person like everyone else in this ugly world, trying to satisfy everyone else's' instead of your own eyes.

No make up can make you look better then you already are, wipe it off your face

and find you place.

Your natural beauty.

Join the cause let me see your acne, your flaws, because in the end

They're were you begin.

Because you wouldn't be you, without the blemishes on the surface reminding you, your just like every one else,

in that one way and that will always be okay.


The author's comments:
This should be every teenage girl's anthem (:

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