ABSolutEly NoT

October 18, 2011
By Anonymous

I am absolutely sure that I have absolutely no idea
I don’t know where to go from here
a channel flowing and I am the rock,
unwilling to move and the odd one out
I swear to not regret
but all I ever do is self reflect
I am unhappy with who I am
What I wake up to
What I see inside my reflection
Who I meet
and with those I converse
I am a restless soul
But I don’t know where to go
What I want
Who I want to be
I thought I knew
but the farther i go inside
the darker it all becomes
and the dying light fulfills what I fought to diminish
all those years ago.
Those pills did the trick
but only for an hour
and once again
im off on tangents
with no room for the infrequent bursts of hope
I’m trapped but I beg it’s everyone else
And if it’s me, I couldn’t come to terms
Should I neglect my traditional storyline
and hide among the shades
to keep others
from being bothered
by the boy
who is absolutely sure
that he has absolutely
no idea

The author's comments:
im in a confused, depressed state of mind again.. what else is new?

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