October 18, 2011
Putting someone else down,
you create hurt in their face.
Making someone cry,
you create the tears in their eyes.
The scars the bruises,
bullying every day, for years and years,
it's the cool thing to do... right?
in school with friends,
in public with a group,
in your house with family,
in society 'cause it's welcomed in.
A bully is never alone, always stands up with someone else.
A joke taken to the next level,
if it was you,
or your best friend,
or your family member,
or someone you knew...
the tables are turning now..
Stereotypes are wrong,
labels are irrogannt.
The point?
to get a laugh?
ruin someone's life, future, family, feelings?
stop next time to think for a second,
is it a joke or are you bringing it to the next level?
it's only one word...

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