What isn't said at first , is often never told.

October 18, 2011
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He held her as she cried all night.

He's angry , he's livid , he wants to fight.

He wants to shows that jerk what he deserves tonight.

Wants to physically let him know he isn't right.

He sits and whispers lyrics of her favourite song,

In hopes to ease the pain.

He feels her heart racing and pacing,

That broken heart's debating chasing.

He hold her tighter as his shoulder catches every tear.

She cries and cries in total fear,

That this will last forever and that she'l never find real love.

He tells her she's beatiful and guys will be lining up for her.

She laughs and tells him he's lying.

He laughs the most honest laugh of his life.

She stands up and kisses his cheek,

Says thank you and starts walkng off.

He stares at her as she leaves and shed's a tear.

He let's one fall ,

Because she'l never know.

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