Day At The Zoo

October 18, 2011
By Anonymous

One day me and my family went to the zoo. I couldn't wait to see all the animals and get some of that delicious cotton candy. I had to babysit that day so I brought them with me. Their names were kaiden and Caleb. They had a blast looking at the elephants and all sorts of animals.I watched as the sun slowly started to go down to make a beautiful sunset. I could hear birds chirping kids running and laughing and just living the life.
I ran up to the snow cone station and bought me a huge big snow cone with the flavors strawberry, blueberry and lime. I took a bite and it sent a chill through my whole body as it went down my throat. The sun started to go down and I knew I would be time to leave soon. We walked out to the exit I looked back and said my good bye then left.

The author's comments:
Well this piece is somewhere i go a lot. It is very fun.

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