Love Lost

October 15, 2011
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it's one of those things
you gotta realize
it's one of those things
you gotta learn
all by yourself sometimes
not necessarily easy,
but the way it goes.
because for one girl
there's a guy
who she thinks is everything
who she thinks is all of her.
and if she loses him
she'll have nothing
she doesn't realize by now
even though with what she's seen
he is only a piece of her
showing her what she wants
not meaning a permanent part of her
scared of a broken heart
scared of the tears
of what losing him
might mean for her.
she can't handle that lost
and will do anything to keep him close.
not knowing she is losing herself
cause he is her
and she is him.
there's no boundary
no seperation
probally the biggest problem
in young love
fall to hard
thinking it's for long
and the time's cut short
and your all alone
before long
before to long
before long
you don't know who you are
by yourself
she is lost. </3

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