Sheding My Skin...Starting Over

October 15, 2011
By Anonymous

I tug hard at the skin
Trying to strip away
All the hurt,
All the sin
That caused its beauty to decay,
I cry tears not of pain
But of joy and hope,
As the flesh on my body
Begins to tear,
I see the blood that symbolizes
All the wrong in my life,
I rip the skin
Very hard
Because I wanted it to hurt,
I want to feel
All the pain
That I have done
Unto others,
Its the price I have to pay
In order to fully start over,
I have to feel
All the hurt
That-I-deserve to feel,
I have to shed
All my skin
In order to begin,
The new life
That I need,
To forget
All my wrongs,
All my mistakes,
All my errors
These things
That have seeped into...,
Into my soul
I must try...,
Try to recover my life,
And I will be sure to hold it
Ever so fragile
Unto my soul,
For I've dissapointed
And shamed
All I know and
All I love,
I have managed
To tear away
All my skin,
I must burn it...
Burn it before
I die,
And then
-Truly then
Will I
Be pured and
Filled with rightoeusness
That I need,
I lite the match,
But barely
And drop it
On my skin,
And I smile
Ever so widely
Knowing within
That I have done
The right thing,
I then fall
To the ground
Ready to begin,
The new life I was promised
That I
Would get,
When all the evil
All the sin
Was gone,
From my heart,
My soul,
My body,
My mind,
And now my thoughts...

The author's comments:
this is kinda ironic because before i posted this poem on teenink i wrte another on call "my heart bleeds" and it contradicts everything about this poem. but the truth behind why i wrote it i because i somehow manage to create a fantasy world where you can be stripped of your sins but its your skin which symbolizes it(kinda the opposite of a snail losing its shell).poem: kinda twisted i know :) ;)

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