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My Heart Bleeds

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My heart bleeds,
But one day it will stop,
My heart will stop
When they all feel
My pain,
My heart will stop
When they all feel
What they've done to me,
My heart bleeds
But one day it will stop,
My heart will stop
When they've each
Get down on their knees,
When they've each cried
Endless tears,
When they plead and they beg
With realistic despair
For their lives,
My heart will stop
All its bleeding soon,
So soon
In fact that its...
Its countable,
In 5,4,
My heart will begin to
Heal it self,
Though they don't share
The same faith,
Their hearts will stop
Because the pain
That i felt,
Could only be expressed
With a bullet,
A bullet shot
Straight through
Their thoughts
And feelings and heart,
A bullet
Shot straight through their
Head and their mind

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aisling said...
Oct. 24, 2011 at 2:57 pm:
her ability to express her thoughts, ideas & experiences into poetry is creative and mature for her age. With formal training in creative writing we could have a genuine poet in our midst.
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