The Rise And Fall Of The Pedestal

October 15, 2011
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A single petal falls from the,
Rose of our love,
Raised voices; Accusations thrown,
Back and forth.
We're playing catch with,
our hearts tonight,
And we're not getting out alive.

'I loved you'; Past tense shatters
The glass pedestal I placed you on.
You tumble onto shards of our,
Mutual deceit.
I want to pick you up,
And dust your knees; But
instead, kick you while you're down.

Who's winning now?
Our games mean nothing and everything.
Lies crumble with the foundations,
Of our love.
You always wanted me, you say,
And for a moment you almost did,
Until I douse the flames with ice.

Brick by defensive brick,
I build my wall.
Best friends; we're enemies,
In an instant.
'You never wanted me', I scream,
And for a second you never did,
Until I see your face.

And I know that when you leave,
The same tears will fall down your cheeks as mine,
You will regret every bitter, twisted,
Heated word, you said and heard.
Your heart will ache, your head will spin,
The ground will shatter beneath you,
Nobody wins this time, this is not a game;

But simply child's play, exhausted, I melt,
Under your touch as you pull me close,
Whispering softly that you're sorry,
And you'll always love me,
And down falls the wall, I open,
The gates to let you in, as you,
Catch my heart; and don't throw back.

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