To Reminisce

September 28, 2011
By Anonymous

The soft keys of the piano
The melody moving by slowly
The slowest of sounds resemble the sadness within

No words
None can explain this pain
Emptiness is all to be felt

For that second, everything paused
To only last a moment when wanting a lifetime
The warmth of your embrace kept me smiling forever

In a moments’ breath things changed
The thought of something more kept me feeling alive
Feeling alive was just a one way street though

That was the end
The end of your warming smile towards me
The beginning of the tears

Foolishness overtook me
In my eyes, I felt special
In yours, nothing more than before

Maybe you noticed how I felt
More than you wanted?
Not good enough?

No, Never good enough

Questions circulate but no chance for an answer
Watching you with her….
It’s too much

Steps away from collapsing with tears
I feel empty, lost and alone

Speak the truth
Was I ever even a consideration?
I want answers

Maybe this is all in my mind
Maybe I’m just analyzing too much
Whatever the case, that little sliver of hope is gone

Inside dies every moment without your comfort

To reminisce is to hurt
But more than anything
All I want is to be back where we were

Now, I’m standing here
Waiting for something
Something to make me feel alive again

My heart will always keep racing
Racing for that one day where yours will feel the same

The author's comments:
Just life...

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