Nothing Lasts Forever

October 20, 2011
By kayla mcloughlin BRONZE, Ashland, Massachusetts
kayla mcloughlin BRONZE, Ashland, Massachusetts
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Nothing lasts forever.
One day I will die.
One day sky scrappers will fall from the sky.
One day mankind will fall,
But we had a pretty good track record all in all.
One day will have to come,
For everything that has ever lived and breathed under the sun.
I know this because nothing lasts forever.
Something set in stone will eventually crumble.
Something locked in will ultimately get out.
Something made will in the end change into something else.
Whether it be moss, a pile of rocks, or some dirt.
Nothing lasts forever.
Someday, one day,
I will die.
And when that happens people will scream and shout and cry.
And I hope this helps the hurt my dears.
And helps erase all your fears.
Nothing lasts forever.
Time eventually heals all wounds,
As it counts the seconds by to the end of all.
Nothing lasts forever

The author's comments:
i was just thinking about how in a billion years my house would be gone, so would i, and so would every thing i have ever known and i decided writing a poem about it would be a better use of my time than listening to my teacher drone on and on in ELA

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