The Pioson

October 20, 2011
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Down goes the poison.
As she takes a drink.
Down goes the poison as he lifts the gun.
Down goes the poison.
As it slides down your throat,
Crippling you,
Blinding you,
Paralyzing you.
Down goes the poison.
The poison.
The poison.
It is made of a twisted web of our own lies.
Bloodcurdling screams and unheard cries.
The poison burns as it goes down,
It corrupts,
It takes,
It drowns.
The poison is made of our own accord.
We make it in the dark,
As we pour in the darkness of our own hearts.
We drink it silently.
The pain,
The pain.
And down goes the poison,
Once again.
It hurts so much but in the end, the poison will be your best friend.
The poison,
The poison.

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