My Stranger

October 20, 2011
By JessicaMoore PLATINUM, Atlanta, Georgia
JessicaMoore PLATINUM, Atlanta, Georgia
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It’s easy to go to school,
Put on a brave and happy face,
Pretend it’s all okay, your happy.
Yea, that’s the easy part.
It’s hard to keep that happy face on,
Keep it from disappearing,
Keep from breaking down every second,
Every minuet, every hour, every day…
You say to yourself,
“Laugh, pretend that was funny”,
When you really want to say,
“Go away, I want to be alone”.
Alone….curled up in the dark,
Where I want, should, need to be.
Instead I’m at school,
Out in the light,
Laughing instead of crying like I want to.
I want to cry, scream, and hate.
I want to hate you for what you have done to me.
But I cant help but to love you.
My heart aches for you,
But your heart longs for her….
So now I’ve found someone new, to take your place,
To be the one that loves me, craves my love in return.
It’s okay, I don’t hate you now, but I don’t love you.
I’ll put a mask over your memory,
And make you a stranger to me...

The author's comments:
This was about a guy that told me many untrue things. I hope this inspires you to keep living and knowing that there is hope and love everywhere you look. Just keep your eyes and mind open.

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