October 19, 2011
By LiamKingsley BRONZE, New Hamburg, New York
LiamKingsley BRONZE, New Hamburg, New York
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aaaaaaaaaaaaand here.

we go: i suppose

i? I?


you tell me.

you? You?

it doesn’t particularly matter anyway, it’s not as if there is one

a thing: of sorts

notice the lack of capitalization to emphasize the lack of emphasis.

: of sorts

I’m (i’m) very particular, it’s too bad

I (i) wish i (I) were all sorts

let me fancily displace my apathy with empathy for somebody to remedy a lacking sheen of joie de vivre all over me


it’s kind of my forte.

or more like my mezzo piano

wait, no


volume is relative. right?

look at me now, i(I)’m like the e.e. cummings of bad poetry.

going on and on and on and on and on and on and on

don’t test me’

if one were to think this wasn’t calculated they would be the same as they were before.

and that’s what’s relevant: i(I) suppose

aaaaaaaaaaaaand on it goes, perpetuating the inherent desire to avoid the subject.

the? The?


I have very strong feelings about this.

Can’t You tell?

here I am? here I am

you tell me.

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