Knowing and Not Knowing

October 11, 2011
By Anonymous

Some people think that these are the answers one should know,
What the meaning of life is or one’s religion.

But I feel that these are things that I know that are important to me.
Like as a gamer I know that in a lot of instances showing no mercy in videogames is necessary because it can kind of teach people how to get really good at the game, if you’re playing multiplayer, but if it is a person’s first time playing I know that to at least kind of help him/her with the basics, unless it’s “Team Fortress Dodge Ball” in that case I just say “if you see a missile that’s not your color, air-blast it, or at least try” because no one has control over where those things go, the only thing you have control of is when it explodes either on you or someone else.
I know how to make most people that I know smile with my antics of silly,
But still be polite and respectful at school.
The Little Engine That Could don’t got nothing on me
Because I know that I can climb a steep hill,
As long as I have a drink to keep me going.
I know that if any one of my sisters loses a boyfriend
I’ll make sure that she has a shoulder to cry on,
Make sure the punk who broke her heart pays dearly,
But most importantly I make sure that I don’t say something that’ll make things worse.
When my mom has had a bad day at work,
I know to either leave her be or wait on her hand and foot,
But mostly I just give her a hug and leave her be,
Because that’s usually all she needs.
I can have enough sense to stay out of most arguments,
But due to my morals if it concerns a good friend or family member
I will try my best to at least find out what’s going on then find out if I really need to get involved.
I am aware of the fact how lucky I am to have a Wii to play with,
To have a TV to watch,
To have a bed to sleep in and a house to live in,
But most of all I’m lucky to have food to eat and still have more to spare.
I feel lucky because it could have been otherwise.

But when knowing is half the battle of life.
One must also deal with what one doesn’t know.
I may know how to make a lot of people laugh but, I don’t usually know where the line is drawn, so often times I overdo it.
I over think things a lot and because of that I don’t usually know when to let stuff go, like if I do something wrong at home, a lot I would think “How did I do this?” and I would sometimes think about for hours even when my mother tells me to let it go.
I despise the fact that, I don’t know how I’m going to find a job, buy a house, or how I’m going to raise a family, but I will try and hopefully succeed.

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