listen to me

October 11, 2011
By PoeticMind BRONZE, Bridgeport, Connecticut
PoeticMind BRONZE, Bridgeport, Connecticut
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Will some one plz help me I'm blind and can't see
I can only see words like stevie sees keys
Ya guys see clearly and don't need visine
But what ya need to do is let ya ears do the hearing
Cuz ya see what ya wanna see and all that disappearing
So what's to look at next
When there's nothing left
Open up ya ears use them to see for the best
Sooner or later ya'll be blind like me and the rest
So do what I did and just accept your blind
You don't need your eyes to see when there's a paper with lines
Use your ears to see so you can see what's mines
With the words I say even if you blind you still get that picture in your mind
You start listening some more and the feeling of being blind is left deep inside
So when you feel like you can't see
Take a seat close your eyes and just listen to me.

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