Steve Jobs

October 6, 2011
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You were a genius,
One of a kind.
You Changed the world,
One Apple product at a time.
You dropped out of college,
But dropped in on classes,
You befriended the man named John,
Who would help you create apple,
From your parents garage.
You were fired from Mac,
And went to work for NeXT,
You worked for Pixar,
Then for Apple when they bought NeXT,
You then went on to surprise us all.
By bringing us something called the iPod.
From there you were forever a great,
Bringing us today's modern world,
You helped shape America into a technology world.
You at the high of your career when it happened.
You were diagnosed with cancer.
You lived through it, and fought it,
But then it overtook you,
Causing America's finest genius to die.
You will forever be in our heart,
In our life,
In our home.
We will miss you Steve Jobs.
You will be forever be with us,
Where ever we go.

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