My Beating Drum

October 6, 2011
By Miss.Renee BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Miss.Renee BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Cool Beans

The brisk breeze smacks the large plant, the large tree
Leaves glide flowing against gravity is what my eyes can see
Almost distracted by the allegiance of Autumns air

Until his fingers slid past my palm to reach my tips
Picked up his hand and slipped a single finger upon my lips

Soon my head laid on his chest fingers intertwined
Life and love consumed this moment which is difficult to find
My Michael, My Infatuation…inhale…exhale

I listened carefully to his erythematic song
Boom Boom, feeling his pulse on the side of my face
The five human senses came alive and took place

A simple heart beat had me astonished
From his pulse to my soul Boom Boom Boom

I have a tongue to taste life
Hands to feel gods creations
Pupils to see beyond the shut eyes of the blind
Nostrils to flare and breathe, My Michael…Inhale…exhale
Strongest of all my ears hear and cherish

They cherish those heart beats underneath my head
His erythematic song beat by beat connected with my soul

The heart that could warm up my cheek
The heart that beat through my ear that I could feel down to my feet

Boom Boom Boom the beat of his drum matched perfectly with mine
Two souls connected as one

From his one heart in love so passionately that never goes numb My Michael, My Sweetheart, …My beating drum

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