October 6, 2011
By Anonymous

I noticed ...
Life ain't that easy & people can get real greasy from yo bros to yo breezys & stackin pro's please believe me it's yo life you choose the roads no matter how many cracks begin to show you must always remain strong in my life i set goals so my future can be filled with gold

However,if hard work is what pays off? then Im never getting laid off cause Im aiming to be a boss I have a picky taste that comes with a high cost
which results to me liking to floss

I admit without shame I love all my bros and we like to hang
if one fight we all gonna bang
whether we foolin or crusing
we dont mess with those who are losing

I noticed ...
Life ain't no game
according to them girls that deal with a lot of pain coming from the boys that drive them insane
low key we all think about the same thang but i dont wanna talk to a girl that hasnt be taught
how to act without an adult
hats unattractive real talk
I love when they show their beauty
its a charm that cant be bought

Some might say
life is different then it was back in the day we live in a different type of way & even in a different type of frame but i just sit back & take it day by day

The author's comments:
Understanding life, different things that takes place & what I noticed myself are all a few things that inspired me to write this poem. After reading this piece I hope others will get that although things may happen between yourself & family and or friends that its ok to still have love for that person. And most of all to set there differences a side and help eachother when its needed because life is short.

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