You Say You Know Me

October 6, 2011
You say you know me
But you haven’t seen the things I’ve done in my life
You say you’ve known me my entire life
But I haven’t faded from existence
I’m still standing strong
You say you've been with me through everything
But you haven’t seen me suffer
Because that's me and I push through the pain
You say you know what I've been through
But how can you if I hide my pain through laughter
Smile now cry later is the game I play
Now I ask do you know me
Or just the person I put off to be
The name the family and date of birth
Not the person
But you still say you know me
So I ask how can you
If at times I don’t even know myself
For you to know me is for you to control my life
But how can you if I don’t let the world get to me
I’m my own person
So how can you know me
You know the name and face of the person in front
Out in the world I’m the happiest man
But when I’m alone there might be a different man
So why do you push and still say you know me.

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