My feeling of darkness

October 6, 2011
By , decatur, GA
My feeling of darkness inside of me is like sharp knives cut me on my heart where I can feel the pain.
My soul shatter into pieces after everything I go through. I tried to put my soul back together like a puzzle but I stop and never continue it.
I tried to wonder but there nothing to think about. My emotions are gone, guessing it won’t come back.
Someone try to controls me in the wrong direction. Fill my mind with negative thoughts. Beating me down like a gangster punches me in the face with a hard fist. I sit there and let it happen to me.
I breakdown and cry my eyes out. I let it come to me. I let my one last tear fall from my eyes and put my hand together. I bend down on my knees and pray. When I finish my prayer, I went to find the light to start a new direction…

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