The last love

October 6, 2011
By , decatur, GA
The last love was an unforgotten moment. Form the beginning to the end of our relationship.
He was a guy I always wanted. He was the person who has big heart. He treated me like a girl with pride.
He let me be myself from the start. He listens to me with his ear open all for me. He never let me go if I walk away. That letting me knows he doesn’t want me to go.
Every time I see him, there always are exuberant things to do. I feel my love was growing to falling in love.
Then something was pulling us apart like stretches rubber band. Lastly it pop broken where we not together anymore.
I tried to wonder can we be together again. I tried to wonder what happen. What made us not wanting?

I guess we weren’t meant to be.

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