Forgotten beauty

September 27, 2011
Drinking out of an empty glass,
reaching out for a silent moment not to pass.
Forgetting all beauty…

I am realizing humanity is all that’s bitter.
All that shines and all that glows,
--when did we begin to ignore
the beauty of a rose?

All that lives, and all that gives.
When did we forget that there’s no limit to our love?
And if our smiles happen to disappear,
will the ocean still sing and roses still dance?

Right now,
the vision of a happily ever after is an optical illusion,
one that will lead me to my next conclusion.
If I continue to bite my tongue in despair,
something else will come of it,
something that’s not fair.
So like the waves of the water announce their presence,
I will fall back into this ocean in pure essence.
I will dance with the roses, and sing with the sea.

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