Just A Teen..

October 19, 2011
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You scream and scream at me ,but everyday i try and clI'mb that tree you keep pulling me down

keep on making me frown and one day you'll see

what you've done to me.I'm just a teen.

I got my style ,my hair is my way

i don't need to be popular to make it through those hallways

.Books aren't my thing and I'm not into that bling but still doesn't mean I'm not cool

and that I'm boring its called being just a teen.

I go through day to day phases and fights with my best-friends

i go through everything just like you do but different then you can.

I don't cheer I'm not against queers

but i guess I'm a freak for thinking differently

but to my friends I'm just me.

Summer love is all i thought of but really what is love?

Holding someones hand

kissing them while your feet's in the sand?

Making single people drown in their own tears

and giving them another fear?

Summer love is not me, But doesn't mean I'm not A teen.

Take things slow

wait a while to grow that's all you tell me

like I'm going to listen.

I'm Just A Teen.

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