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October 11, 2011
By tulenau BRONZE, West Valley City, Utah
tulenau BRONZE, West Valley City, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
A goal not written is only a wish.

I'm from my mother's womb. A place so cold and dark.
I'm from a world of the unknown. Mysteries everywhere you go.
I'm from a family of tough love. Words are our best defense.
No need in getting aggravated over a few words.
I'm from a generation of starvation and neglected souls.
Left alone to fend for themselves is all that they know.

I'm from a time of hatred and war.
Starting a fight over a penny on the floor.
I'm from a time where musicians are allowed to say as they please.
Not knowing if their words would hurt a lost soul more than a blade could.
I'm from a place where people aren't there forever. There time here varys.
I'm from a place where I'm sorrys and apologies don't mean a thing.
I'm from where revenge is the only option.

I'm from poets writings and a heart felt letter.
I'm from a city where my heart lies underneath.
I'm from the friendly islands.
I'm from deep hidden secrets that will soon be unraveled.

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