Why I Write

October 11, 2011
By Deadme13 SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Deadme13 SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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I write because of them
I know they won’t read it but it’s the thought
The one in the front of your mind that counts

I write for a missed understanding
That came what seems to be centuries to late

I write for those missed chances
The ones that stay with you
The graffiti on the walls of your mind
The pencil is my tool and the paper solution
To clear my head so my heart can get through

I write as a plead, a prayer already fading
A hope to be remembered in this shallow existence

I write praying that one day I will be exposed
The real person in this huge and unwelcoming shell
The one with secrets to scream
Like bombs these words would hit you
But they are still stored in my head dismantled
Waiting for someone to connect both versions of myself
In a harmony greater that yin and yang

I write because truth is sometimes a five letter word
A wall of water easily slipped through
But the paper is cold and makes it impenetrable ice

I write because of those people with faces that come in pairs
The hurt they make me feel
Only multiplied by the pain of statements once said
Containing a four letter word never meant

I write for color in overcomingngly bleak world

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