October 11, 2011
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The Slightest glimpse you think could kill
For the eyes to meet would be the biggest thrill

Like a sun setting, it’s a magical wonder
The first dew drop in the morning is the first time your eyes met

As the Clock starts to melt I am relieved,
Because for the next 24 hours our eyes won’t meet

In my cornucopia it’s all about you

You’re the thing that makes me happy
Do I make you happy too?

Like Polka dots on a lady bug
We’re destined to be

I thought time was my bliss, but now I see
Not being near you is not where I want to be

The Stars to my universe
You light up my world

I know what I want
That special someone to flaunt

That look in your eyes,
Settles all the tides.

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