October 19, 2011
By Cody_Hike BRONZE, Huntertown, Indiana
Cody_Hike BRONZE, Huntertown, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"You have to go through Hell, to make it to Heaven." -Maino-

I had this plight one fine and dreary noight,

No normal journey it seemed like a wealth came of yearning,

I felt the cool, crisp wind blowing through my invisible bin,

It was not to escape from this simple town but more to come to my own kingful crown,

I never knew what really happened in that field,

I had a new plethora of attributes,

I could not state any word of this faithless display of self-loathing,

I had always hated my self for many reasons but on this night it was an epitome of he**,

My mind-set for once was not on a future I could control,

But none-the-less I wouldn't it to be controlled,

By who though, that one all seeing being?

Never for he is non-existant to me as a being,

So as I sat in the world that intoxicating night,

Watching the storm going on one bolt by one bolt,

I wanted to hold this beautiful scene that i have never once held,

Nothing beautiful has come my way in years or even in my life,

And once again I found myself in this field of ephianies,

I tried to comprehend what this he** had meant throughout my life,

Bending over to pick up a one faced coin,

It seemed as if fate had decided it's self,

Heads I die, Tails I still don't take this deathly lie,

As i sat anticipating my death, I waited breath by breath,

I watched my life dangle as if a murders knife,

And as i pulled that merciful trigger, I realized i was in need of a gravedigger.

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