October 19, 2011
She knew she was alone in the world
Apparently they can smell fear
And she was covered in it

She remembers
Feeling the heat
And the throbbing

Watching her skin
Swell up
And darken

She felt the chill of a tear
Running down
Her dark blue cheek

She heard the ripping of her clothes
As they pulled
And scratched at her shirt

She felt the sharp blade
Of a pocket knife
Slicing through her skin

She saw the red liquid
Running down
Her stomach and ankle

I heard the rawness
Of her brutal
Cry for help

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Lexie96 said...
Oct. 23, 2011 at 11:33 am
I do like it, but it's very dark... one of the reasons that I like it :) You are right, though, there are way too many people getting abused in today's society and not nearly enough is being done to stop it. Your poem is very heartfelt, and if you could spare the time to check out mine I would be ecstatic.
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