For You

October 15, 2011
By , Jacksonville, NC
For you; I would break my heart into a million pieces.
And puzzle you, watch you try and fix it.

For you; I'd write a hundred words,
each and every one, would be forever yours.

For you; I'd stand waiting in the rain for hours
Because even you, don't have super powers

For you; I'd paint a picture
Worth a thousand words or more,
Give it a title, shimmering like a crystal

A million things, I could count
Each one you can be sure I'll account.

I would expect nothing in return,
watch you try to live and learn.

But with you, I wouldn't have to shatter my heart,
for you would break it.

A hundred words unnecessary,
for you would hate them

Standing in the rain,
all you would say was how much of a mess I looked.

And after all that,
I wouldn't do a single thing for you
much less a million.

Such an oxymoron,
for I would do all those things if I didn't know
That you wouldn't care,
that I'd still stand alone.

Yet the love I have for you,
has yet to dwindle
Even though I know,
You aren't good for me.
What don't you understand?
Do I need to say it all,
once again?

For you, I'd kill for.
And you would watch me die inside,
nothing to live for.

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