October 17, 2011
By Anonymous

Now I have nothing left to say to you,
as you lose yourself in the television
you sink into the couch, after tiring
years of wasting time. And act as if
the world has let you down, when you
are the worlds disappointment. Treat me
like a child, while your mind like one
reasons. You run from responsibility,
into the arms of prostitutes. Why? When
you have the most beautiful wife. Perhaps it
is because you know she is too good for you.
I wonder if you feel guilty when I say I miss you,
but understand that you have to go away to work, to
support us; when really we both know what you are
doing, and that has nothing to do with work…
or supporting… or us.
I see into your falsities;
Everything is not okay,
but you blow it all away,
blaming it on others.
I remember looking up to you,
As a little kid I trusted you;
I have felt your love, but
I could not dream to trust you anymore.
You make promises to break them.
You‘ve no honor, you just fake them.
I will never forget that you dared read my diary.
I walk home in the night, can’t rely on you to come.
I cannot count all the times you’ve been silent, absent.
You demand respect but give nothing.
You are selfish and ungrateful, you lazy man,
your wisdom poor. When you’re up in the sky you
can pretend, that you are a richer man; with class,
success, and money to be spent. Still you refuse to
try, preferring to gamble away you’re life on
temporary pleasures. Don’t you know that success
takes dedication? You say it’s too late, but the truth
is you just don’t want to sweat it. How will you ever
achieve if you do not act? I ask these disgusted as you
gaze passively at the television set. But you never
hear my words, perhaps you shut them out.
Why won’t you face reality? How is it that you don’t feel
the shame of what you‘ve done? How is it that you justify
the shame of what you haven’t? When you speak, it means
nothing. You have taught me how not to behave.
Escape, run, hide, you gave up the only place you had.
Now I have nothing left to say to you, coward.

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