A Decade of Deliverance

October 16, 2011

The towers fell and the world shook.
Our humanity nearly burned to the ground
as we watched our world plunge into a fiery darkness.
Mankind became aware of its mortality,
as well as its hatred.
However, no entity could break the transparent bonds
that make us American.
Bonds of courage, hope, liberty, and resilience.
We withstood the maelstrom of events
and rose above the anger in our hearts
until we attained unity, pride, and strength.
Ten years later we still feel the pain of those we lost along the way.
We will never forget the countless innocents
whose lives ended amidst that September sunrise.
They have become part of the American spirit,
and live within each and every one of us.
And in that way, they are immortal.

The author's comments:
This poem was written in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

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tsutton said...
on Oct. 25 2011 at 12:09 pm
What a beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing!

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