Maid of Desolation

October 17, 2011
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I savour your kiss in my senses
And memorize each loving gesture
To recreate a dream in which I may enter
Once you have bid your final adieu

Your fingers have woven their way
Through mine countless times
Enough to have moulded a permanent grip
For those moments of desperate solitude

Although tears are disapproved
They seem inevitable
And as our love trickles away down my cheek
I can't help but wish that you were here to wipe my eyes.

My bed reeks of nostalgia
For the spot where you once lay incarnates
Those sheer moments of bliss
When nothing else in the world mattered, for I was in your arms.

As my heart longs for a long lost romance
I let myself believe that you loved me,
For allowing this lie to consume me
Provides momentary release from the reality of abandonment.

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