The Brightening

October 17, 2011
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Dawn replenishes my heart
Always leaves me feeling hopeful
For how could the beauty of daybreak
Mask such an unfathomed sorrow?
How could the splendour of the morning aurora
Be so oblivious to those who bask below it?

Often, I find myself wondering
Whether this is but an intricate dream
If the terrors of night invaded my heart and mind
And implanted this phantasm,
For it is so brilliantly dreary
This world in which I live without you.

Although those rays burn hotter,
The cool whirl of wind envelops me
And I am reminded of how bitter
The once sweet air tastes
When you are not here to revel
In all of the simple pleasures of life.

Dusk never ceases to astound me
As the evening sun dances on my skin
And for a moment I swore I felt your lips
Brush my cheek ever so lightly
And I pray for the blue yonder to engulf me
And transport me to wherever you are.

And amidst the abysmal black canvas
Shines one star, twinkling with all its might
Whispering to me a lullaby of hope
For our love has overcome an infinite
Amount of struggles; and when I glance
At that ball of fire, light years away
I know that even though you may be gone
You never cease to illuminate
My once opaque world.

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